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LT685 steel wire braided rubber hose is a kind of steel wire wound rubber hose that is developed and produced by Letone hydraulic for coal mining.It is widely used in coal mine hydraulic support, integrated coal mining unit and other hydraulic system, the fluid medium is mineral oil, water base hydraulic oil or water.As a hydraulic high - end hydraulic pipe, the product has excellent hydraulic characteristics, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, high pressure and high pulse performance.

Compared with the same specificationof wire wound rubber hose:

(1)Pulse performance:According to the number of wire winding layer, it has more than 600 thousand times, more than 1 million times and more than 1.2 million times.Life span: more than 5 years.

(2)Suitable for harsh operating conditions:it can work effectively in a low-temperature environment of 40 degrees below zero, and can withstand the medium of 125 degrees.

(3)In the raw material aspect:the high quality Taiwan lang sheng nitrile rubber and the Belgium becalt high strength steel wire, this product is in the industry leading.

(4)Production process::the weaving process of the wire braided layer of this product adopts the advanced knitting technology of south Korean imported knitting machine.

The application of super Artey hydraulic hose in the mine.

Super Artey hydraulic hose - hydraulic high level hydraulic hose product series;Designed for coal mining used hydraulic machinery hydraulic machinery as well as military and oil hydraulic machinery design, as well as resistance to high pressure hose, high pulse, and high temperature resistant, cold resistant design such as strict conditions, at the same time more and conveying special fluid medium, such as acid and alkali.The majority of high-end customers agree that super Artey hydraulic hose series is a safe and reliable high quality hydraulic hose.Besides, this series of hydraulic hose can provide professional supporting products such as hydraulic pipe drum and sheath, and has reached a longer hose service life.The product strictly implements domestic and international hydraulic standards, and has been subjected to rigorous testing.

Application of hydraulic hose for excavator in mine

The hydraulic tubing of excavator is the special hydraulic tubing in the hydraulic system of the excavator, and there are two kinds of hydraulic tubing and hydraulic tubing of the hydraulic pipe.Classification: excavator large arm pipe, excavator small arm hydraulic tubing, pilot tube, broken hammer hydraulic hose, etc.;Parameters: high temperature resistance, high pressure, high pulse, etc.Features: operating temperature range: - 40℃ to 100 ℃.Pulse frequency: more than 600, 000 pulses.Maximum working pressure: 42.5Mpa.Life span: more than 3 years.Because of its poor working environment and working content, the crushing hammer requires the driver of the excavator to choose the broken hammer pipe with suitable price and performance.

Special hose for coal mining equipment

There are many kinds of mine hose, which can be trusted

MT98 high pressure wire wound rubber hose
MT98 high pressure wire wound rubber hose

LT5000 steel wire braided hose can be used in the hydraulic pipeline of coal mining equipment, excavator, hook machine, forklift and so on, suitable medium: mineral oil, hydraulic oil, water base hydraulic oil or water.

Performance characteristics:
  • temperature range - 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃;
  • work stress: a maximum of 80 mpa;
  • burst pressure: minimum burst pressure 240 mpa;
  • life: resistance to weather more than 5 years.
  • Hydraulic oil pipe assembly for excavator crushing hammer

    4SP|4SH hydraulic pipe assembly is a four-layer wire wound hydraulic hose assembly product.Suitable for hydraulic system of excavator and hook machine;The product is a hydraulic pipe assembly with a hydraulic pipe, a hydraulic pipe joint and a rubber hose.

    Performance characteristics:
  • temperature- 40℃ ~ + 100℃;
  • work stress: a maximum of 80 mpa;
  • high pulse frequency, pulse is more than 600000 times; 
  • life: resistance to weather more than 3 years;
  • ydraulic oil pipe assembly for excavator crushing hammer
    The pilot tube of PLT excavator is super soft and low pressure
    The pilot tube of PLT excavator is super soft and low pressure

    The pilot tube of PLT excavator is a super soft, ultra-fine, anti-pulse and minimal bending radius excavator pilot pipe for the development and production of hydraulic system of excavator.It can withstand at least 200, 000 pulses at 1.33 times the pulse pressure.The pilot tube is suitable for fluid, mineral hydraulic fluid medium.It can be used in hydraulic systems such as excavators, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment.

    Performance characteristics:
  • compression length changes: the maximum working pressure shall not exceed + 2% or 4%;
  • life: resistance to weather more than 3 years.
  • 1000PSI braided MSHA mine spray hose

    It can also be used in continuous mining machinery.

    Performance characteristics:
  • temperature tolerance range: - 30 ℃ (22 ° F) - to + 90 ℃ (+ 200 ° F)
  • work stress: 70 bar (70 psi)
  • wear resistance, resistance to oxidation, hydrocarbons, refractory; 
  • 内lining is black SBR/NBR rubber extrusion mixed - resistant oil mist
  • 1000PSI braided MSHA mine spray hose
    Wear-resistant and high-pressure 20Bar heavy-duty drainage hose
    Wear-resistant and high-pressure 20Bar heavy-duty drainage hose

    LT905 super resistance to high pressure of 20 bar heavy rubber pipes is meriton rubber research and development production of a black with resistance to high pressure rubber hose, suction drainage is mainly used for dealing with critical operation condition and high pressure working environment (mine).

    Performance characteristics:
  • can withstand the maximum constant pressure of 150 psi, which can be pressed flat type drain pipe is suitable for general industrial buildings and irrigation. 
  • wear resistance, resistance to oxidation
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    1. When the hydraulic hoses are installed in coal mine hydraulic supports and integrated shearers, they must be properly installed according to the hydraulic pipe installation specifications. 2. For hydraulic hoses that are not installed and used, the following points should be made for daily storage. The stacking should not be carried out. Sharp objects should not be rubbed during storage; they should not be mixed with chemicals. 3. If oil leakage or hose breakage occurs in the process of use, it should be replaced in a timely manner. Do not continue to operate under abnormal conditions. 4. During use, the mine hose cannot be strongly stretched; the pressure and high temperature or low temperature must be within the product specification. Cracked oil spills cannot continue to be used and must be replaced in time. 5. Because of its poor working environment and work content, the hammer requires excavator drivers to choose a hammer with suitable price and balance performance. The latest hydraulic tubing assembly quotation please contact online customer service. 6, the transmission medium must be the design of the fluid medium for the product; working pressure, working temperature can not exceed the scope of the hose. 7. The length of the hose should be suitable. Too long or too short and the difference in diameter will lead to shortened hose life. Hesitation Hose structure is more complex, daily transportation and storage process, the hose should not be distorted. Once there is a problem with the wire winding hose, it must be stopped immediately and replaced in time!


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